Getting Ready for Your Graduation?


You have invested hours and years of studying for your degree or diploma certificate, you did the exams, and let’s assume that you either passed or failed, right? Either way you will need to graduate and get out to face the monster of a life out here. For much of the time that you were a college student, you never thought about the graduation, but the final semester is now slowly ticking away and you start thinking all kind of thoughts about the possibilities of the ceremony boomeranging on you.

Take some time to cool; it cannot be as hard as you presume. Of course you will need to get mentally prepared; you will need to know what you will wear under the graduation gown, probably what you will say too; who you will invite and how you will handle them. But all these might be the legendary case of putting the cart before the horse if you do not take the time to make sure that you will be graduating.

Some schools and colleges will not allow you to graduate if you have not met some specific criteria. These criteria might be a certain pass mark, payment of the total arrears owed in school fees and clearance from the various departments of the school. Failing to graduate while you have been planning for the graduation is probably the single most dreadful thing that can happen in your life.

After you find out whether you are in the coveted graduation list, it is time for some logistics. You will need to actually get out there and find the best graduation dresses for this special ceremony. You will need to print the invitations and plan other logistics. This could prove to be the one of the toughest stage of preparing for your graduation, but with the help of family, it can become fun and worthwhile especially when you are shopping for your graduation dresses.

Getting mentally prepared for the big day is something else that you will need to do way ahead of time. Get out of denial and accept that you are finally leaving the blissful college life, with all the beautiful ladies who used to dress in the sexiest homecoming dresses you have ever seen. You will now be part of the alumni-that respected group of colleagues who may or may never find time to visit the college again. This maturity needs to be reflected in the major decisions that you will be taking from now onwards.

As you adjust your mind to tackle the forthcoming graduation, keep in mind that building and maintaining future relationships with your collegemates will most probably be done at this particular time. It is true that you may not see most of your friends for a while but that does not mean that you should trash their contact details. Remember you are getting from a very sheltered life where you probably thought that you friends don’t matter that much to a life that will need you to keep in contacts with them for job openings and such. Choose the friends who you will maintain contact with wisely. Having a group of let’s say 20 buddies who you can look up to for companionship will make you feel less freaked by the fact that you are leaving the safe confines of college.

The next thing you will need to do when dealing with former college friends is to keep in touch through planning of connecting events. These may include homecomings, get-togethers of even long distance video calls. There are plenty of activities you can decide to attend together, and this list is not in any way limiting. Just keep the friendships buzzing.

Now, you are hopefully settled on how to prepare for your graduation. It is time to go grab yourself a graduation dresses that is sure to leave you feeling like the queen or king of the day. Happy graduation.

Extreme Sport – ATV Racing


ATV racing is never deemed as a safe sport. In fact, a lot of accidents happened during the first time it was launched to the public, and patients were rushed to the hospital. Because of these incidents, ATV racing events were even cancelled to minimize accidents and deaths. Despite the fact that ATV racing is an extreme sport, a lot of participants and wannabe riders in the field still line up to get recognition in this kind of sport. Conversely, there are still a lot of ways on how you can stay safe and secured while competing.
Focus on your goal.

It is necessary that you set goals and focus on it when you want to be competitive in the racing. Professional riders didn’t get their gold and awards because they are trained to race, but because they are focused with their goals, which also act as their motivation. Whatever undertaking a person wants to involve himself with, it is necessary that he/she should stick to the goal in order to win.
Practice. Be Safe.

The cliché that goes, practice makes perfect is always true. Expect the unexpected in ATV race tracks. So when you practice, expect that the paths that you are currently speeding through are nothing compared to what’s set during the competition. Also, don’t underestimate your opponents. Always expect that they are the best people in the field and they can defeat you anytime, so you also exercise with your heart and soul, using your full potential to finish the race successfully. Keeping safe is the best key to stay away from dangers on the track. Renowned ATV manufacturers like MV Moto Sports sell high quality gears at low prices, which can be best for beginners in ATV riding.
Learn from the pros.

It is not advisable to practice on your own. Getting help from the pros and having a coach who can tell you what to do when you change direction, swerve, jump, or clear obstacles is a must-have. It is much more different than someone is judging the way you drive and the way you go through the paths than learning everything on your own, because you can’t judge yourself from afar. Furthermore, you can get to learn more tips and tricks from pros, which can be very essential with the competition.
Use the right bike.

Make sure to buy the right machine in the right ATV manufacturers. There are a lot of ATV manufacturers globally, and it is necessary that you do full scrutiny of the company before shelling out money. Oftentimes, the quality of the machine lies on its maker. And you don’t want to practice or race with a machine that’s made of substandard materials, do you?

Indian Boxing Federation Suspended for Anomalous Elections

Indian-boxing-federation-has-suspendedThe International Boxing Association (AIBA) suspended the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) for the alleged manipulation of the election, alongside a growing Olympic ban that led the sports in the countries in Asia to a wobbling situation.

The IABF made some amendments in its constitution prior to its election in September to create the post of the chairman and succeed Abhay Singh Chautala who will end his 12-year leadership as the president of the federation.

This paved the way for his unconstrained election as the head of the Indian Olympic Association the day after the IOC disqualified the body for letting the government to interfere in the poll.

Although the suspension of AIBA is an unswerving outcome of the ban in the Olympics, the election of the Indian boxing federation that occurred last September is currently under investigation.

According to a statement from the body that governs the amateur boxing federation, this suspension is brought by the fact that AIBA had discovered the rumored manipulation of the recently concluded election of IABF. He added that AIBA will now scrutinize this election as well as the possible political link between the president of IOA, also the former chairperson of the IABF, and the election of IABF.

Toting the pressure , the sports ministry of India also declares that it had suspended IABF, leading to the cutting off of the funding of the government.

Abhishek Matoria, the chief of Indian boxing federation, deemed that the suspension of AIBA had come from nowhere, but passed the universal governing body had inquired regarding their polls. Matoria also expressed his shock during his interview with Reuters on Friday. He added that they suspended his association without giving them the opportunity to explain. He said that they wrote a letter to them, accusing “malpractice” in the concluded election, but was never specified.

Having no idea as to the suspension, Matoria said that they sent them a comprehensive explanation, which presented a point-by-point clarification.